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Well done Tachi for winning Member of the Month! Tachi has been with us since the start, and never fails to amaze me. She is such a great roleplay, plotter and member. She comes up with the best ideas, she's hilarious in the cbox, and we all love her lots <3 I think Tachi deserves this! (Even if she poofs a lot)

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We haven't seen much of Clegane recently, so it's lovely to see him back again. Roleplayed by Hunter, Clegane is a real classic dog. He's been around for a very long time, and his age shows it. Now retired from the Bloody Paw, he is a great mentor to the younger canines <3


Marlee and Nebula

Congrats Marlee, roleplayed by Neytiri. I really love Marlee's character and personality. She is a fresh new look at the Iris Pride. Despite being a new character, I really hope Marlee is around for a long while yet. She's great!
Oh yeah, and Nebula won, even though she never came back. Neb you suck! (;


Marlee x Ludwig

What an unlikely couple Marlee and Ludwig make. With Ludwig being a small cat, whilst Marlee is a lynx, it is very amusing to watch their interactions. Who knows where this strange relationship may lead them in the future?


From The Ashes

Since the Lexis Tribe was abolished, I've been waiting for this thread. It shows the liquidity of CR, showing we can make something out of nothing. With the launch of Novus, it'll be exciting to see where Mika and the others will take it. Will it one day become a new, large pack? Who knows!


Look below

"Exile my big, fat, fluffy ass," ~ Crystal with Hunter. Okay does this even need a comment? Hunter comes out with the best stuff XD

"Iris and Tempest have brought nothing but pain and blood upon this city. Before they're done fighting there will only be ashes and ruins left of Hexasol. Someone has to stop them." - Sky