Wolves are not free. Big Cats are now free!
They must always be purchased from the gift shop.
(Rule put at the top as it is often ignored).
The rules can be annoying, yet they are essential. Please read all of these rules so that you can find the password that will let you access the Joining Application. Apologies for the sheer length of the rules - I'm not quite sure how they got so long.
If there are any questions you need to ask, feel free to look at the FAQ's, ask in the questions sub-board or ask on the cbox. Someone will be willing to help (:

General Rules

Be kind!
Rudeness is not tolerated ooc. You will be warned, and possible banned if you're continuously rude. We're a nice community, guys :3
Stay active.
If you're leaving/going away, post in the going away board so we know where you've gone (:
No swearing at members.
We allow swearing and cussing in roleplay and out of roleplay, but that doesn't mean you can go over the top or insult other members.
Signatures can be no more than 500x300.
Signatures larger than this will stretch the board. We will send you a PM telling you to remove/resize it if it does stretch (:
Avatars no larger than 100x100.
You may purchase larger avatars from the gift shop that can be 150px wide and 250px high.
Everything must be PG-13.
This means no mature content that could get this site deleted.
Correct grammar and spelling in character and out of character.
Of course, saying things like brb etc. is okay, but try not to get over-excessive with chatspeak ooc. Capitalise and punctuate properly (:
No plagiarism
This is quite a simple rule. If any plagiarism is to be found, you will be permanently banned. I do not tolerate stealing from other people.
No discussion of personal issues on the cbox
Personal issues (ie: suicide, boyfriends/girlfriends/etc, family issues, friends, school, etc) should be discussed in the Rant thread. People could become uncomfortable in the cbox when it is discussed, so please keep it to the threads (:
Place images outside of blockquotes.
Blockquotes are your friends (I very much recommend you using them), however do not put images inside blockquote tags as this will stretch the board severely.
Images must be under the creative commons license.
You can find a tutorial on how to find un-copyrighted images here. You will be asked to link to where you found an image to your character in the bio application, so please read the tutorial and check. Saves both of us a lot of time (:

Roleplaying Rules

250 words per post.
As this is an intermediate to advanced roleplay site, I ask that all members write at least 250 words per post. Everyone has their bad days, but 250 words is really not much.
No character limit.
There is no limit on characters, as long as you can keep them all active. Inactive characters will be placed up for adoption.
CR allows a user to create ONE un-domesticated canine and un-domesticated feline for free.
Upon creating an account, you may have one free un-domesticated character (e.g a ocelot or a coyote). You may have as many domesticated characters as you like (like a dalmatian or a maine coone), but after your one un-domesticated character is created you must pay for more at the gift shop. Domestic characters are completely free, it is only un-domesticated characters that are not. Wolves are not free. They must always be purchased from the Gift Shop.
No Wolfspeak.
Wolfspeak is the term where you use unrelated, random words when describing a wolf. For example, brute or fae/femme for male and female, orbs for eyes and pillars for legs.
Liquid time is allowed.
Liquid time basically means that your character can have more than one thread going on at a time.
Do not powerplay or godmode.
This means controlling other people's characters.
Popular breeds can be banned.
Such as large cats, huskies, German shepherds. It is unrealistic to have so many of the same breed running around the city.
One in character season is equivalent to two real life months.
This can change according to plots happening at the time.
Collars on dogs and felines are allowed
But they must have reasons for having a collar (such as used to be a house dog/cat).
Characters that are created must be older than nine months unless purchased from the Gift Shop.
Anyone younger than that wouldn't be able to survive in the wild without a guardian - if you have bought this item from the Gift Shop, you must have another character (preferably someone else's) lined up to be the character's guardian. This item can only be purchased once per user, also.
You are allowed to customise your posts, up to a point.
I don't want utterly tiny fonts that you have the squint to see and overly dark/light font colours that blind you.
Roleplay only in 3rd person.
It makes things a lot easier for everyone (:
No more than two big cats and no more than two wolves per member.
This keeps down the number of big cats and dogs running around Hexasol (:
Humans have died
I want to clarify to people who seem to not have read the plot carefully, humans died seven years ago. Therefore, if you make a two year old character who used to have an owner, this would be impossible. Please think logically.
No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus
This means no perfect, cliché characters. I don't want crazily strong dogs/cats, or flawless characters that are just so amazing. Keep it original and flawed. Everyone is flawed.

Breeding & Birthing

Breeding can happen any time of the year.
Females are only allowed to have one litter per year, and males are allowed to have three. This cuts down on the unwanted puppies and kittens created.
There is no specific place for breeding or birthing.
Breed anywhere ;'D
Once two dogs or cats have bred, post in the Maternity board.
Use the form given and see if you're lucky enough to get a litter. Not all breeding will be successful.
Automatic love is a definite no.
A male and female must have been in at least two full and complete threads together before they can mate (This does not apply for force breeding, etc.)
Forced breeding is allowed.
However remember that males may only have three litters per year, and permission must be asked from the roleplayer.
Do not request a number in a litter/health/condition as these will be decided by staff.
You can only do this if you purchase it from the Gift Shop.
Parents of the litter choose what puppy or kitten they'd like first.
The remaining litter are then put up for adoption.
Love between a cat and a dog may happen, but they cannot breed.
They can adopt abandoned kittens or puppies, though. Also, love between a canine and a feline is frowned upon severely in the Tempest and Iris, so be warned of the consequences.
Large canines/felines cannot mate with small canines/felines.
A great dane won't be able to mate with a chihuahua. For felines, big cats (apart from cheetahs) can only mate with each other. Cheetahs are smaller than them, so they will be able to mate with medium cats. Medium cats will also be able to mate with small cats and vice versa. It has come apparent that some big cats can mate with medium cats, so you may purchase size difference breeding at the shop.
Breeding two of your own characters is disallowed.
Two different characters please (:
Please have your bitch/queen give birth in the given due month.
A member of staff will post which month your character will give birth in. Within those ten days a month lasts you can begin a birth thread. If a thread is not made, your cubs will automatically be born after that month is over. Please look in the side tables to see what month we are in.
Make a bio after you've got your pup/kit/cub
Once you've been given a litter and chosen your cub then you need to make a bio in the application board, however a history isn't compulsory. Personality may be the cub's personality, or the adult's personality.
Do not post in a maternity thread 'claiming' a cub before the parents have claimed their own.
After the parents have chosen, the rest of the litter is first-come, first-serve
If you want to claim a cub from the Maternity Ward, you must have at least one active character and be on the site for at least 2 weeks.
This ensures that the cub you adopt will stay active.
If you claim a cub, you must make the bio within one month
If the bio is not made within one month of claiming the cub, the cub will be placed back up for adoption.

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